Churro Cheesecake >>> Only 6 Ingredients!

I’ve made a lot of dishes using crescent roll dough and its unique taste has become quite cringeworthy for me, but that’s not the case with this particular dessert. It’s most likely due to the rich flavor the cheesecake mixture brings to the party and the distinct sweetness of the cinnamon sugar. However, the crescent roll dough does add an unexpected pillowy texture to the dish that is really very pleasant.

I think it also presents very well on the plate. It’s not as dull-looking as a traditional cheesecake and I can’t think of many other desserts that look quite like it. After a few bites, I also find the taste and texture of cheesecake to become very repetitive. Although the rich and creamy flavor hits the tastebuds just right, the texture is not all that impressive by the time you finish. This recipe offers something a little different. It provides an almost spongy texture with a very subtle bite to it that leaves the taster wanting more.